High quality and control, this is CCD/MTC, the CNC machine by Bungard

CCD/MTC, CNC machine by Bungard

The Bungard CCD/MTC is a high quality computer controlled drilling and milling machine with semi-automatic tool change (MTC = manual tool change).

The CCD/MTC differs from the CCD/2 by a larger working area (325×495 mm in contrast to 270×325 mm) and by a separate controller.

Compared to the ATC models, the software interrupts the operation during the tool change and the new tool is changed manually (turning the knob changes by a quarter turn; motors remaine empowered and hold the position).

With the sturdy spindle and the good fixation of the tool in the chuck the Bungard CCD / MTC is perfectly fi tted for routing or engraving plastics, aluminium and other metals, 19 inch rack boards can also be processed.

CCD/MTC, CNC machine by Bungard

Do you want to know more about this wonderful equipment? Then check out the video below.

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