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The Chroma 61500/61600 series programmable AC sources are the right solution to meet market requirements by providing the ability to simulate various AC line input conditions and the measurement of critical characteristics for products under test.

The global market for AC power testing demands a more sophisticated, high performance AC power source that is capable of simulating a wide range of AC line conditions. These features make the 61500/61600 series ideal for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military and regulation test applications from bench-top R/D design verification, to quality assurance and mass production.

Key Features

- Power Rating: 12KVA (61511/61611); 18KVA (61512/61612)
- Voltage Range: 0-150V/0-300V / Auto
- Configurations with input voltage of 220V or 480V
- Frequency: DC, 15Hz-1500Hz
- Single-phase or three-phase output selectable
- Programmable slew rate setting for changing voltage and frequency
- Programmable voltage and current limit
- High output current crest factor, ideal for inrush current testing
- Turn on, turn off phase angle control
- TTL signal which indicates output transient
- Comprehensive measurement capability, including current harmonics
- Analog programmable interfaces
- Remote interface: GPIB, RS-232, USB and Ethernet
- Capable of delivering power output up to 90KVA by implementing Master-slave parallel operation

Advanced PWM Technology

The Chroma 61500/61600 series AC power sources are able to provide the highest power density possible through their advanced high speed PWM mode designs. The modularized power stage design offers outstanding performance and high reliability, and allows service personnel to identify trouble spots more efficiently and minimize downtime. With no transformer at the output stage, it not only reduces the output impedance, but also allows the 61500/61600 series to be able to program DC components for simulating AC voltage with DC offset conditions. This function allows users to simulate the test condition of unbalanced input current for rectified loads.

Single-Phase & Three-Phase Output

Chroma 61512 PanelModel 61511/61512/61611/61612 AC sources are capable of delivering single or three-phase output depending on the user’s application. Users can select these output modes easily either through the front panel or via remote control. Model 61511/61512/61611/61612 AC sources are able to provide full power output without derating even with the output configured as single phase.

Slew Rate Setting For Voltage & Frequency

Model 61511/61512/61611/61612 AC sources let users set the slew rate for voltage and frequency. The source will follow the slew rate to reach the final setting when the output voltage or frequency is changed. This function can help users verify the operation range of input power. For example, users can implement this feature to sweep the voltage gradually from 90V to 264V instead of only checking several points like 90V, 115V, 230V and 264V. Another application; in order to reduce the inrush current during motor startup or power on multiple UUT, the user can decrease the slew rate setting to achieve the objective.

Comprehensive Measurements

Chroma AC power source 61500/61600 series has a built in 16-bit measurement circuit and firmware utilities to measure the true RMS voltage, current, true power, VA (apparent power), VAR (reactive power), power factor, current crest factor, peak repetitive current and inrush current. Using the advanced DSP technology, the 61500 series can measure THD and up to 40 orders of current harmonics. This makes the 61500 series not only a sophisticated power source but also a powerful analyzer.

AC Source (Master-Slave) Parallel Operation

The 61511/61512/61611/61612 AC source models provide (Master-Slave) parallel operation functions, which enable users to extend the AC source power output ability by connecting AC sources in parallel. The maximum allowable number of AC source implemented for the parallel operation is 5 units. Through this feature, users can achieve a maximum power output up to 90KVA by combining 5 units of assorted AC sources of 18KVA in (Master-Slave) parallel operation mode. Users could also use the A615103 Power Stage accessory as an alternative cost effective solution for parallel operation by implementing it as slave unit. Please refer to the following figures for AC source models 61511/61512/61611/61612 in order to setup for parallel operation configurations.

To save time when arranging the input and output wiring of multiple AC sources connected in parallel operation, users can select and Implement the Chroma input/output terminal fixture (A615104/A615105) designed specifically to solve wiring issues.

61611 - Programmable AC Source 0-300V, 15~1.5kHz / 12kVA, 1 or 3Ø
61612 - Programmable AC Source 0-300V, 15~1.5kHz / 18kVA, 1 or 3Ø

Paralleled Bundle Packages
61612-36 - AC Source 61612 + (1)A615103 + (1)A615104 [36KVA]
61612-54 - AC Source 61612 + (2)A615103 + (1)A615105 [54KVA]
61612-72 - AC Source 61612 + (3)A615103 + (2)A615104 [72KVA]
61612-90 - AC Source 61612 + (4)A615103 + (1)A615104 + (1)A615105 [90KVA]

A615003 - Power Stage Parallel unit (18KW)
A615104 - Input/Output Terminals for Parallel Connecting 2 units [6151x/6161x]
A615106 - Reverse Current Protective Unit
A610004 - Universal Socket Center (1 phase<13A)
8195 - Mod Option, HV-330VAC
10656 - SoftPanel KIT (includes mod option)
8189 - Sync Cable Assy
W39000856 - Cable Assy, AC Input, 3-Meter
W39000855 - Cable Assy, AC Input, 5-Meter


The 61500/61600 Series Softpanel

Chroma Softpanel is a graphical user interface which provides extraordinary capability and convenience to user for delivering control to the unit. The 61500/61600 series Softpanel is designed specifically for offering users control of the AC source by applying a user friendly interface configured in graphical, instrument like settings. The self explanatory graphical interface makes enabling of the extensive functions of the AC source easy with just few clicks of a button. Users are able to perform online and offline waveform editing with the implementation of the softpanel. The softpanel is also equipped with data recording functions as multiple measurement data can be recorded simultaneously. One of the most powerful features of our softpanel is the availability of a test environment configured specifically for conducting IEC regulation tests, such as IEC61000-4-11, IEC61000-4-13, IEC61000-4-14 and IEC61000-4-28.


Brochure: PV Inverter Testing

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