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Modular DC Power Supply Chroma 62000B, for burn-in and plating/electrolysis applications. N+1 redundancy, hot-swap maintenance, remote ON/OFF and programmable via the CAN bus.

Chroma’s new 62000B series of Modular DC Power Supplies offer many unique features for Burn-in and plating/electrolysis applications. The features include a N+1 redundancy, high power densities, hot-swappable maintenance, remote ON/OFF and programmable control via the CAN bus.

Key Features

- Voltage range: 1 ~ 150V
- Current range: Up to 2000A (System)
- Power range up to 1.5KW per module up to 120KW per system
- High Power Density (464 mW / cm3 = 7.13 W/In3)
- N+1 Redundancy
- Hot-swappable
- Ideal for Burn-in & Plating
- Remote Sense
- Remote ON / OFF
- CAN Bus Control
- DC OK Signal Output


Hot-Swap Operation

Equipped with N+1 redundancy and hot-swap functionality, the 62000B DC Power Supplies are most applicable for 24 hours non-stop applications such as SMD plating production lines, as well as product life burn-in test for IT products like DC converters, LCD backlight inverters and routers.

For continuous operation applications the modular hot-swap design allows engineers to replace the failure unit on-site without shutting down the entire system.

High Power Applications with CSU

The 62000B modular power supplies are capable of providing high power output up to 120KW/2000A with minimal specification degradation via CSU (Control & Supervisor Unit). Each chassis is designed to accommodate a maximum of 9KW and include current sharing capability to ensure system stability. In addition, for convenient control of even large power systems, a CSU is provided to set and display output and protection circuits via a standard CAN bus communication protocol.

Available Power Ratings - P-V-I

Paralleled Unit of Mainframe12345
Power Rating9KW18KW27KW36KW45KW
Current Ratings:

A620007 CSU Key Features:

- Stand-alone controller for paralleled 62000B DC power for bulk power
- Digital encoder knobs and function keys
- Simultaneous display of output voltage and current
- Standard Analog programmable interface
- Standard CAN Bus
- Optional Ethernet interface
- User define I/O interface

CAN Bus’s Advantages

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a multicast shared, differential serial bus standard. CAN was specifically designed to be robust in electromagnetically noisy environments and can utilize a differential balanced line like RS-485. It was introduced by Bosch in 1986 for in-vehicle networks in cars and since used in a myriad of applications including factory automation, building automation, aircraft and aerospace as well as in cars, trucks and buses. CAN bus replaced bulky wiring harnesses with a two-wire differential cable. CAN provides services at layers 1 and 2 of the OSI model and uses a broadcast method for placing frames on the wire. CAN provides low-speed, fault-tolerant transmission of 125 Kbps up to 40 meters, which can function over one wire if a short occurs.

Transmission without fault tolerance is provided up to 1 Mbps and 40 meters, and distances up to 1 km are achieved with bit rates of 50 Kbps. Bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s are possible at network lengths below 40m. Decreasing the bit rate allows longer network distances; for example, 125 kbit/s at 500 m.

Control Method For Parallaled

Type A – Control with CSU: User can control via APG, CAN Bus/ Ethernet, and front panel manual control for paralleled operation.

Type B – Control without CSU: User can only control via CAN Bus for paralleled operation.

Note: The SoftPanel can control four mainframes for paralleled operation.

Type C – Control without CSU or PC: User can only control via remote on/off signal for paralleled operation.

62015B-15-90 - DC Power Supply Module, 15V/90A/1350W
62015B-30-50 - DC Power Supply Module, 30V/50A/1500W
62015B-60-25 - DC Power Supply Module, 60V/25A/1500W
62015B-80-18 - DC Power Supply Module, 80V/18A/1440W
62015B-150-10 - DC Power Supply Module, 150V/10A/1500W
62000B-3-1 - Three Position 62000B Mainframe
62000B-6-1 - Six Position 62000B Mainframe

A620007 - Control & Supervisor Unit
G32 325500 - Rack mounting kit [62000B-3-1]
A620010 - Rack Mount Kit [62000B-6-1]
A620011 - Ethernet Interface [CSU]
A620019 - USB Control Box [M/F & CSU]
A620020 - GPIB Interface Control Box [62000B M/F & CSU]
A620021 - Analog Interface Remote Control Box
7028 - Dual Channel PC CanBus Card
8191 - CAN Bus Interface s/Cable [62000B M/F]
10808 - Softpanels
8217 - USB to Canbus Interface
G16066900 - Filler Panel for Model 62000B Mainframe


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