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Designed for automated testing of DC-DC converters and similar products, the 62000P sets a new standard for high accuracy programmable DC supplies.

Chroma’s 62000P Programmable DC Power Supply offers many advantages including a constant power operating envelope, precision readback of output current and voltage, output trigger signals as well as the ability to create complex DC transients waveforms to test device behavior to spikes, drops, and other voltage deviations.


- Voltage range: 0 ~ 600V
- Power range: 600W, 1200W, 2400W, 5000W
- Wider range of voltage & current within the power rating of the power supply
- Wide Voltage and Current range that allows the unit to operate at full power at different voltage set points
- Dual Range
- Repeatable turn-on
- Waveform sequencing
- High-speed Programming
- Precision V&I Measurements
- Current sharing for parallel operation with Master/Slave Control
- LXI option now available! See LXI compliance.

The 62000P Series includes 12 different models ranging from 600W to 5000W, up to 120A and up to 600V. Due to their constant power operating envelope a single instrument can provide both high voltage/low current AND low voltage/high current thereby reducing the number of supplies needed in typical ATE applications. The 62000P Series also includes 16 bit readback capability for accurate voltage and current readings. This means systems no longer need complex shunt/multiplexers to make accurate readings of the UUT’s input parameters. The instruments also include I/O ports providing 8 bit TTLs, DC-ON, fault output signal and remote inhibit as well as a output trigger signal for system timing measurements.

Another unique capability of the 62000P Series supplies is their ability to create complex DC transient waveforms. This capability allows devices to be tested to DC voltage dropouts, spikes and other voltage variations making them an ideal choice for airborne device testing, inverter testing and other devices which will experience voltage interrupts. Applications include DC/DC Converter & Inverter voltage drop test, engine start-up simulation, battery automated charging, electronic product life cycle test, and etc.


- Constant Power Envelope means one of our power supplies usually can replace 2 or 3 of other brands
- Ability to generate transient waveforms for testing to industry standards for airborne, shipboard, automobile, etc
- High accuracy readback means efficiency readings can be made directly from DC source instead of using external shunts and DMMs
- Output trigger signals allow scopes and other devices to be triggered for timing measurements
- Available softpanels


Wide Operating Region With Constant Power

Chroma DC Power Supply Wide Operating Region ChartThe 62000P Programmable DC Power Supplies offer a wide operating region. For example, the output specification for the 62012P-80-60 is 1200W/80V/60A, it allows operating flexibly in various combinations as shown in the figure to the right. Conventional power supplies provide the same rated current at all output voltages, however, the 62000P DC Power Supply provides greater current at lower output voltages. This means both low voltage/high current and high voltage/low current UUTs can be tested using a single supply avoiding the need for multiple supplies.

Master/Slave Parallel & Serial Control

When high power is required, it is common to connect two or more power supplies in parallel or series. The 62000P Series DC Power Supplies have a smart Master/Slave control mode making series/parallel operation fast and simple. In this mode the master scales values and downloads data to slave units so programming is simple and current sharing is automatic.

Programmable Waveform Sequencing

The 62000P series DC Power Supply allows for 100 user programmable sequences with time settings ranging from 5ms to 15000s, voltage/current slew rate control and 8 bit TTL output for automated test applications. Applications include DC/DC Converter & Inverter voltage dropout testing, engine start-up simulation, battery automated charging, product life cycle testing and airborne avionics testing.

The 62000P DC Power Supplies provide 8 output TTL bits with timing control. These control lines can be used for VID control of VRM or to control other discrete signals.

62006P-30-80 - Programmable DC Power Supply 30V/80A/600W
62006P-100-25 - Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/25A/600W
62006P-300-8 - Programmable DC Power Supply 300V/8A/600W
62012P-40-120 - Programmable DC Power Supply 40V/120A/1200W
62012P-80-60 - Programmable DC Power Supply 80V/60A/1200W
62012P-100-50 - Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/50A/1200W
62012P-600-8 - Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/8A/1200W
62024P-40-120 - Programmable DC Power Supply 40V/120A/2400W
62024P-80-60 - Programmable DC Power Supply 80V/60A/2400W
62024P-100-50 - Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/50A/2400W
62024P-600-8 - Programmable DC Power Supply 600V/8A/2400W
62050P-100-100 - Programmable DC Power Supply 100V/100A/5000W

A620004 - GPIB Interface
A620023 - Ethernet Interface (LXI Compliant)
A620006 - Rack Mount Kit [62006P-62024P]
A620015 - Rack Mount Kit [62050P]
10658 - SoftPanel KIT

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