SDM3000X 6 ½ Digits Dual-Display Digital Multimeters

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SIGLENT’s SDM3055 series is a dual display digital desktop multimeter. The SDM3055 provides a rich and powerful feature set at an excellent price. This DMM family is well suited for production testing, R&D and certification work, as well as any place where an accurate and powerful full-function DMM is needed.

        In the SDM3055’s design and layout, great emphasis was given on both front-panel and computer-based control of the instrument. Equipped with a 4.3 inch TFT-LCD true color LCD screen, its display resolution is up to 480 * 272. It can not only display numerical readings, but also supports histograms, trend charts, bar charts and statistics, in addition to the built-in arithmetic functions. Even when using the front-panel menu, the user can display the most important analysis results of the accumulation of time and data. This eliminates the process of drawing and statistics, and the measurement is accurate and reliable.

        The SIGLENT SDM3055 has a powerful testing engine, measuring speed up to 150rdgs / s, 1Gb Nand total memory capacity, mass storage instrument settings, historical data, and external U disk external storage. The SDM3055 interfaces include USB Device, USB Host, LAN and GPIB (SDM3055A). It can support VXI11, USBTMC remote control as well as interconnection with National Instruments’ LabVIEW. A SCPI command programming manual is also provided in support of remote control operation programming.It is compatible with mainstream multimeter command sets and uses the compatible language with SCPI for transmission and control. Thus you can convert from your existing test environment easily.

Product Overview

SDM3065X is a 6 ½ digit digital (2,200,000 count) multimeter incorporating a dual –display and is especially well suited for the needs of high-precision, multifunction and automatic measurement.

Key Features

The SIGLENT SDM3065X has a powerful testing engine, 1Gb Nand flash size, Mass storage configuration files and data files, historical data, and external U disk storage. The SDM3065X interfaces include USB Device, USB Host, LAN (Optional Accessories: GPIB and Scanner Card. It can support remote control via commands and compatible with commands of main stream multimeters. The SDM3065X is compatible with easy, convenient and flexible any sensor measurement control software: EasyDMM  . Thus you can easily convert from your existing test environment.


Histogram Display 

Trend Display 


Bar Chart Display 

Statistics Function 


Dual Display Mode 

Hold Measurement 


dBm Measurement

Rich Peripheral Interfaces


USB Host & Device, LAN, GPIB (Optional)

Ordering Information

Product Model


Standard Accessories

A USB cable
A guaranty Card
A QuickStart Guide
Two Test Leads, Two Alligator Clips
A Power Cord that fits the standard of destination country

Optional Accessories

SC1016  (Scanner Card, must be purchased and factory installed with a new DMM. It cannot be ordered as an option and added later

SeriesReading ResolutionThe DC voltage accuracy in a yearDC voltage measurement rangeAC voltage measurement rangeDC current measurement rangePrice(Without Tax)
SDM3065X Series
6 1/20.0035 + 0.0006200 mV~1000 V200mV~750V200µA~10A
SDM3055 Series
5 1/20.015%200 mV ~ 1000 V200 mV ~ 750 V200 µA ~ 10 A
SDM3045X Series
4 1/20.01%600 mV~ 1000 V600 mV ~ 750 V600 µA ~ 10 A$ 389
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