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The True RMS Clamp-On Meter Model 205 is safety rated at 600V CAT IV. It measures AC+DC volts and amps, frequency, continuity, resistance, power and Power Factor, phase rotation, and THD. It can also perform diode checks.

The Delta relative function compares new measurements to a reference value, and the MIN/MAX function tracks high and low values. The Model 205 also tracks peak+ and peak– values. This compact and rugged meter can operate in the most demanding work environments, and its IP40 rating allows it to withstand both dust and water spray.


- UL 94 VI flame retardant self-extinguishing
- 6000 count (200 Series) blue electroluminescent backlit display
- Measures up to 1000VAC (1400V peak),  1000VDC and AC+DC with resolution to 10mV
- Measures single- and three-phase power  (real, reactive and apparent) up to 3MW with resolution  to 1W (model dependent)
- Measures W, VA, var and PF for single- and three-phase balanced systems
- Measures frequency to 20kHz with  0.1Hz resolution
- Auto selects AC or DC measurement voltage
- True InRush® current measurement with  100mS capture
- Jaw opening up to 1.33" (34mm)


MODEL: 205
Current AC (rms): 600A
Current DC: 900A
Current AC+DC: 900A
Voltage AC (rms): 1000V
Voltage DC: 1000V
Voltage AC+DC: 1000V
Ohms: 60kΩ
Continuity (Buzzer): Yes (< 40Ω)
Diode Test: Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion: Yes
Single- and 3-Phase Real Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 600kW
Single- and 3-Phase Reactive Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 600kvar
Single- and 3-Phase Apparent Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 600kVA
Voltage Frequency (Hz): 20kHz
Current Frequency (Hz): 3kHz
Power Function (W, var, VA): Yes
Power Factor: Yes
THD-r/THD-f: Yes
Phase Rotation: Yes (2 wire)
Auto AC/DC: Yes (V & A)
Auto Power OFF: Yes
Hold Button: Yes
Backlight Button: Yes
Min/Max Button: Yes
True InRush® Function: Yes
Relative Function: Yes
Peak ± Function: Yes
Hz Button: Yes
*3-phase measurements assume balanced load

User Manual

Data Sheet

Application Note: AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 - How to Measure Power with a Clamp-on Watt Meter

Application Note: True RMS, True InRush, and True Megohmmeter

Application Note: What is Inrush Current?

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