• Alicate Wattímetro AEMC 405

The TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter Model 405 provides a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp meters sold today. Safety Rated at 1000V CAT IV, it is safe to operate in all electrical environments.

It is rugged enough for the most demanding work environments and will withstand both dust and water spray with its IP54 rating. It is ergonomically designed and easily used by one hand, including function selection and button pushing even with a glove on. In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance, diode checking and continuity, the Model 405 offers several unequaled functions including: AC, DC and AC+DC volts, amps and power, True InRush®, Delta relative function, Phase rotation indication, Power measurements and more.


- 1000V CAT IV Rated
- UL 94 VI flame retardant self-extinguishing
- 10,000-count blue electroluminescent  backlit display
- Measures up to 1000VAC (1400V peak),  1000VDC and AC+DC with resolution to 10mV
- Measures single- and three-phase power (real, reactive and apparent) up to 3MW with resolution to 1W
- Measures W, VA, var and PF for single- and three-phase balanced systems
- Measures frequency to 20kHz with 0.1Hz resolution
- Auto selects AC or DC measurement voltage
- True InRush® current measurement with  100mS capture
- Jaw opening up to 1.89" (48mm)


MODEL: 405
Current AC (rms): 1000A
Current DC: 1500A
Current AC+DC: 1500A
Voltage AC (rms): 1000V
Voltage DC: 1000V
Voltage AC+DC: 1000V
Ohms: 100kΩ
Continuity (Buzzer): Yes (< 40Ω)
Diode Test: Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion: Yes
Single- and 3-Phase Real Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 1000kW
Single- and 3-Phase Reactive Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 1000kvar
Single- and 3-Phase Apparent Power (AC, DC, AC/DC)*: 1000kVA
Voltage Frequency (Hz): 20kHz
Current Frequency (Hz): 2kHz
Power Function (W, var, VA): Yes
Power Factor: Yes
THD-r/THD-f: Yes
Phase Rotation: Yes (2 wire)
Auto AC/DC: Yes (V & A)
Auto Power OFF: Yes
Hold Button: Yes
Backlight Button: Yes
Min/Max Button: Yes
True InRush® Function: Yes
Relative Function: Yes
Peak ± Function: Yes
Hz Button: Yes
*3-phase measurements assume balanced load

User Manual

Data Sheet


Application Note: AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 - How to Measure Power with a Clamp-on Watt Meter

Application Note: True RMS, True InRush, and True Megohmmeter

Application Note: What is Inrush Current?

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