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Chroma’s 63600 Modular DC Electronic Load is designed for testing multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components. They are excellent for use in research, development, production, and incoming inspection applications.

The 63600’s state of the art design uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads using an unique CZ operation mode allowing realistic loading behavior.

The 63600 DC Electronic Load can draw its rated current under very low voltage (0.4V typical). This unique feature guarantees the best loading performance for modern Point-of-Load conditions and fuel cells.

Real time measurement of voltage and current are integrated into each 63600 load module using a 16-bit measurement circuit with three current ranges. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel.

With the VFD display and rotary knob, the 63600 loads offer versatile front panel operation. Users are able to control the 63600 family remotely via Ethernet, USB, or GPIB interface.

Also included in the 63600 DC Electronic Load are self-diagnostic routines and full protections against OP, OC, OT and alarm indicating OV, reverse polarity. This ensures the quality and reliability of the 63600 and provides protection of units under test.

Key Features

- Max. Power : 100W x 2(Dual), 300W, 400W
- Voltage Range : 80V, 150V, 600V
- 5 module mainframe Max. 2000W, load modules up to 400W/ea
- Up to 10 channels in one mainframe, fit for testing multiple output SMPS
- 0.4V @ 80A (Typical) low voltage operating characteristics
- Flexible CC, CR, CV and CP operation modes
- CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation (up to 50,000uF capacitance emulation)
- Parallel mode for high current and power application up to 2kW
- Multi Channel synchronous control
- Real time power supply load transient response simulation and Vpk+/- measurement
- User programmable 100 sequential front panel input status for user-friendly operating
- Over current protection (OCP) testing function
- Precision voltage and current measurement
- Precision high speed digitizing measurement/ data capture
- Voltage, Current and Pmax measurement for OCP/OLP testing
- Timing measurement for batteries
- Short circuit simulation
- Self-test at power-on
- Full Protection : OC, OP, OT protection and OV alarm
- Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces
- User Defined Waveforms


10-in-1 High Power Density Module Loads

10-in-1 provide 10 channels from five 100Wx2 channel loads within a 4U height mainframe to let users test various kind of power supplies such as Adapter/Charger/Monitor Power/ATX PSU/Server PSU/Battery/Fuel cell etc. In addition, the 4U height mainframe is able to install five 400W single channel modules in parallel for up to 2000W to test server power and fuel cells easily. The high power density design saves benchtop or rack space as well as total cost.

To comply with the trend of high power for PC power supplies, the new 400W module is able to satisfy the test requirements for +12V1 and +12V2. Only one 4U mainframe can have 300W(+3.3V), 300W(+5V), 400W(+12V1), 400W(+12V2) and 100W Dual(-12V/+5VSB) in plan for best load combinations to meet the up-to-date PC power supply test solutions.

Ultra-Low Voltage Operation 0.4V@80A (Typical)

There are 28 low RDS_ON MOSFETs built into the 400W module that allow users loading up to 80A in 0.4V (See image to right: Loading 80A at 0.4V of Model 63640-80-80). When 5 of the 400W modules are paralleled for operation, up to 400A is available inside the chassis without the need for series connecting any bias power supply on the load internally or externally, so the noise measured was not affects by the bias power supply.

Note: All low voltage electrical specifications are measured by the Load terminal. It is suggested to use suitable Load Cable and twist pair the wiring to reduce the resistance and inductance.

Automatic OCP Testing & Pmax Measurement

How can the time users spend both verifying the OCP point on SMPS, and capture the maximum power when over current protection occurs, be saved? With the built-in OCP function on the load module, users can set the initial current level, end current level, number of steps current, and time for loading. In addition, the OCP and Pmax measurement can be acquired automatically and displayed on the single load to save the time for verification when working with the high speed V&I Sampling Synchronization (sampling rate 10us) measurement.

Innovative Technology CZ Mode

The built-in CZ mode enables users to set the simulated load capacitance (30uF-50,000uF) to simulate the capacitive load power-on inrush current test.

NOTE: The maximum current loading limit is based on the specification of module load.

Auto Frequency SWP for Dynamic Testing

Testing the SMPS dynamic load and acquire the maximum of Vpk+ and Vpk- (at worse case) from 50Hz ~ 10kHz.

Example: The PC power supply must be certified after R&D phase by DQC using the DC Electronic Load’s CC Dynamic mode to validate the worse case of transient response and voltage peak under the combination of loading level, frequency and duty condition. Using an Oscilloscope to capture Vpk+/- manually for 100 kinds of combinations is very time consuming, so the Dynamic Sweep function is built in for the new generation of Load. Simply setting the initial frequency, end frequency and step frequency can complete loading and measurement automatically. The maximum dot of occurrence frequency Vpk+ & Vpk- is displayed after execution.

High Speed Precision Digitizing & Acquisition

How to use the Electronic Load to acquire the V&I transient waveform quickly.

When performing Dynamic current test on SMPS, users have to use an Oscilloscope to capture the transient voltage and current waveform to log the Vpk+ and Vpk- value. The 63600 Series Load Modules have digitalized data acquisition function that users can set the sampling interval range to be 2 microseconds – 40 milliseconds and the total sampling measurement log to be 1 – 4096 dots. The data can be read by digital interface and the waveform can be logged and converted to graphic file for analysis. The digitalized data acquisition function has two built-in fast A/D(500KHz) synchronization V&I signals that allow users to do analysis to get Instantaneous Power, Voltage Peak, Voltage Rise and Fall Timing as well as the average current of Hiccup.

Real Time precision measurement of voltage and current for Energy Star and 80+ efficiency measurement requirements.

Example: Model 63610-80-20 has three measurement circuit ranges of current (0.2A/2A/20A) and voltage (6V/16V/80V), accuracy of current of 0.05%+0.05FS, and voltage accuracy of 0.025%+0.01%FS. The current error tolerance will be +/-0.15mA if input is 0.1A; the voltage error tolerance will be +/- 1.425mV if input is 3.3V.

NOTE: Users can set the voltage and current window time: 1ms – 10s to get more accurate measurement or fast remote test command execution.

Multi-Channel Sync. Control

Is this electronic load able to test the Sync. Dynamic load of 3 channels (5V/3.3V/12V) for a PC power supply?

The built-in high speed DSP of the 63600 and synchronization mechanism allow each module to reach the sync. dynamic loading through the DSP high speed calculation without distorting the loading and test result. Why does SMPS need to do Sync. Dynamic Test? Because it can verify if the PWM, transformer and the system can work normally to ensure the power output quality is stable enough for a PC to operate when multiple channel (5V/3.3V/12V) output load steps and the transient load steps in the same direction.

Is it able to parallel load modules up to 2000W to meet large server power for dynamic testing?

The built-in Master/Slave Parallel mode is able to connect several modules in parallel to achieve large power for the dynamic test required by a single channel server. It solves the problem of the inability to synchronize dynamically found in traditional electronic loads. This mechanism allows the modular load to be structured flexibly for testing single channel large power (server power supply.) Users only need to control the Master unit and measure the readings manually or remotely to save the time.

User Defined Waveform

In addition to common constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance modes available on conventional loads, the 63600 DC Electronic Load accepts digital data from DAQ cards or analog data from function generators to allow for complex waveforms to be created as depicted below. The 63600 also provides an enhanced feature, User Defined Waveform (UDW), to simulate the actual current profiles and waveforms.

To reconstruct the actual current waveform, one can simply upload the captured waveform data into any module via a Chroma softpanel. Each module is capable of storing up to 10 sets of waveforms with each comprising up to 1.2 millions data points to meet the more strenuous test requirements.

In addition, 63600 DC Electronic Load also provides voltage peak measurements during actual loading conditions. Avoiding the need for using an oscilloscope to capture the voltage peak, saving time and costs.

MPPT Function

The 63600 series loads also include a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function which is used for solar panel testing. Just connect the solar panel to the 63600 loads, and the loads will track the maximum power point of the solar panel using a high speed built-in algorithm. The 63600 can also calculate the consumption of energy automatically.

63600-1 - 63600 Mainframe for Single Modules
63600-2 - 63600 Mainframe for up to 2 Modules
63600-5 - 63600 Mainframe for up to 5 Modules
63610-80-20 - DC Electronic Load Module, 100W x 2/ 80V/ 20A
63630-80-60 - DC Electronic Load Module, 300W/ 80V/ 60A
63640-80-80 - DC Electronic Load Module, 400W/ 80V/ 80A
63630-600-15 - DC Electronic Load Module, 300W/ 600V/ 15A
63640-150-60 - DC Electronic Load Module 400W/ 150V/ 60A

A636000 - GPIB Interface [63600/63200A]
A636001 - Ethernet Interface [63600]
A636003 - External Signal Board (Test Pin) [63600]
A636005 - External Signal Board (BNC) [63600]
A636007 - Rack Mounting Kit [63600-2]
10533 - Softpanel KIT [63600]
11100 - Solar I-V Softpanel [63600]
G12068300 - Filler Panel [63600]
9560 - Load/Sense Cables Kit, 1 set (one dual load) [63610-80-20]
9561 - Load/Sense Cables Kit, 1 set [63630-80-60/63630-80-80]


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