The 33XXA Series multiproduct calibrators are modular versions of the class leading 3000A Series Calibrators. Designed to reduce cost, the 33XXA Series feature 0 - 20V DC output as standard with a wide range of options.


- 0 - 20V DC Base Unit
- Highly configurable precision source
- Ideal for ATE Systems
- Ideal for Dual Source Resistance Bridge
- 20V - 1000V High Voltage Output
- 0mA - 200mA Low Current Output
- 200mA - 30A (3310A/3341A) High Current Output
- AC Output (includes all previously specified options)
- Resistance
- Capacitance

The configurability suits specialised applications where only limited functions are required, for example ATE systems or Dual Source resistance measurements systems as used by NMI's

Consisting of 3 models ranging from 8ppm to 50ppm, the 33XXA Series Multiproduct Calibrators provide a specialised and confugrable solution to requirements for precision sources.

DC Voltage (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option) ± 50 ppm0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option) ± 25 ppm0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option) ± 8 ppm
DC Current (Optional) (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)0 - ±22A (± 100ppm)0 - ±30A (± 50ppm)0 - ±30A (± 50ppm)
AC Voltage (Optional) (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)20mV - 1000V, 10Hz to 100kHz20mV - 1000V, 10Hz to 500kHz (0.04%)20mV - 1000V, 10Hz - 1MHz (0.015%)
AC Current (Optional) (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)20uA - 22A, 10Hz to 10kHz (0.07%)20uA - 30A, 10Hz to 10kHz (0.06%)20uA - 30A, 10Hz to 10kHz (0.04%)
Resistance (Passive) (Optional) (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)0 Ohms - 100 MOhms (60ppm)0 Ohms - 1 GOhms (40ppm)0 Ohms - 1GOhms (18ppm)
Capacitance (Passive) (Optional) (Best 1 Year Total Accuracy)10nF - 1uF (0.25%)1nF - 10uF (0.25%)1nF - 10uF (0.25%)

Quick Start Guide

Calibration Manual

Oscilloscope Amplitude Verification

Application Note - 3000-3300 Series Overview

Application Note - Operation Manual


Aplication Note - Advanced Command Set

Fault Diagnosis Sheet (PDF)

Fault Diagnosis Sheet (XLS)

Transmille Product Matrix

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