The 3000RS is a modern precision resistance standard offering annual stabilities of better than 5ppm without the requirement for an oil bath, with temperature co-efficients as low as 0.1ppm/°C

Using ultra-high precision, 4 wire hermetically sealed oil filled film resistors for values from 1 Ohm through to 100 kOhm, and oil filled precision wire wound resistors for the 1 MOhm and 10 MOhm, the 3000RS is suitable for roles of both a working secondary set of resistors or a primary resistance reference.

Using the 3000RS with the 8500 low thermal scanner provides an automated solution for calibration of precision multimeters.

- Decade resistances from 1 Ohm to 10MOhm
- Temperature co-efficients as low as 0.1ppm/°C
- Annual stabilities of better than 5ppm
- Precision decade resistance reference


Operation Manual

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Resistência Padrão de Precisão Transmille 3000RS

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