Programmable AC Power to simulate a wide range of AC line conditions

The global market for programmable AC power demands for a more sophisticated, high performance AC power source capable of simulating a wide range of AC line conditions. To meet these demands, Chroma has developed a high power density, low form factor, (5U) programmable AC power source.  The Chroma 61509/61508/61507/61609/61608/61607 models are the latest of the 61500/61600 series AC source.

The Chroma 61500/61600 series programmable AC power source are the right solutions to meet complex single and three phase requirements due to their ability to simulate AC line conditions and measure critical product characteristics during testing. These features make the 61500/61600 series ideal for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military, and regulation test applications from bench-top R/D design verification and quality assurance to mass production. DC functionality enhancements, with DC power ratings of up to 75% of full output power, has further extended test application capabilities especially for AC/DC server PSU.

Key Features

- 61509/61609: 6kVA
- 61508/61608: 4.5kVA
- 61507/61607: 3kVA
- Voltage range: 0-175V/0-350V/Auto
- Frequency: DC, 15Hz-2kHz (5kHz optional)
- Single-phase or three-phase output selectable
- Programmable slew rate setting for changing voltage and frequency
- Programmable voltage and current limit
- High output current crest factor inrush current testing
- Turn on and turn off phase angle control
- TTL signal which indicates output transient
- LIST, PULSE, STEP mode functions for testing Power Line Disturbance (PLD) simulation
- Voltage dips, short interruption, and voltage variation simulation
- Harmonics and inter-harmonics waveform synthesizer
- Comprehensive measurement capability including current harmonics
- Analog programmable interfaces
- Remote interface: GPIB, RS-232, USB, and Ethernet
- Higher output power capability by implementing master-slave parallel output function


Comprehensive Measurements

Chroma programmable AC power sources have built-in 16-bit measurement circuits and firmware utilities to measure true RMS voltage, current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, current crest factor, repetitive peak current, and inrush current. Using advanced DSP technology, the 61500 series can measure THD and up to 50 orders of current harmonics. The 5.7″ Color LCD provides users with easy to operate interfaces by integrating parameters and functions on single display pages. The panels are also capable of voltage and current measurement waveform displays.

Power Line Disturbance Simulation (61500 Series)

In addition to the ability to program steady output voltages and frequencies, The Chroma 61500 series can also provide powerful functions to simulate all kinds of power line disturbance conditions. The STEP and PULSE modes offer easy and convenient methods to execute single step or continuous output changes. The changes may be triggered by internal or external events. This allows for an easy simulation of power line disturbances such as cycle dropouts, transient spikes, brown outs, etc. The LIST mode extends this function for more complex waveform generator needs of up to 100 sequences with different start-end conditions that can perform almost any waveform by AC and DC components. The Chroma AC power source 61500 series is also capable of simulating all sorts of voltage dips, interruptions, and variation waveforms for IEC 61000-4-11 pre-compliance tests and IEC61000-4-14/IEC61000-4-28 compliance tests.

The 61509/61508/61507 models are capable of simulating the below voltage waveform test requirements for dual input AC/DC server PSU.

The 61509/61508/61507 models are capable of simulating the voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variation test conditions for the IEC 61000-4-29* Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)-Part 4-29: Testing and measurement techniques, such as voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations on DC input power port immunity tests with test levels (%UT) are listed in the table below.

Slew Rate Setting for Voltage and Frequency

Both 61500 and 61600 models allow users to set the slew rate of voltage and frequency. The program will follow the slew rate used to reach the final settings when the output voltages or frequencies are changed. This function helps users verify the operating range of input power. For example, users can sweep voltage gradually from 90V to 264V instead of only measuring in steps such as 90V, 115V, 230V, and 264V. Additionally, in order to reduce the inrush current during motor startup or UUT power-up, users can decrease the slew rate setting to minimize peak current demands.

Distortion Waveform, Harmonics, and Inter-harmonics (61500 SERIES)

Traditional types of AC sources only provide output voltages with SIN waveforms; these types of AC sources are unable to meet or keep up with the latest test requirements needed for simulating the input voltages’ abnormal conditions with distorted waveforms. The WAVEFORM function allows users to set square, clipped-sine waves and 30 stored distortion waveforms. Besides that, IEC 61000-4-13 standards require inter-harmonic simulations as well as harmonic waveforms.

The Chroma 61500 series allows users to compose up to 50 orders of harmonics based on 50Hz or 60Hz; the output will be a periodic harmonic distortion waveform. It also provides sweeping inter-harmonics functions. This means the fundamental frequency will be incorporated with frequency sweeping components between harmonic frequencies. In addition, the instruments can help detect the resonance or the weakest points of the UUTs. Chroma AC source 61500 series utilizes advanced DSP technology to synthesize the harmonic and inter-harmonic waveforms. Therefore, they are capable of generating periodic harmonic and non-periodic harmonic distorted waveforms to perform IEC 61000-4-13 compliance tests.

Single Phase and Three Phase Output

The 61509/61508/61507/61609/61608/61607 models are capable of delivering single or three-phase output under program control. Users can select these output modes easily through the front panel or by remote control. All models are able to provide full power output without derating even in single phase output configuration.

AC Source Parallel Output Function

The 61509/61508/61507/61609/61608/61607 programmable AC power source models provide (Master-Slave) parallel output functions, which enable users to extend the AC sources’ power output abilities by connecting AC sources of the same series up to 2 units in parallel configuration. For example: connecting 2 61509 6kVA units will achieve total output power of 12kVA or connecting one 61609 6kVA with one 61607 3kVA unit will achieve output power of 9kVA.


Chroma’s softpanel is a graphical user interface that provides extraordinary capabilities and convenience by delivering control of the unit remotely. The 61500/61600 series softpanel is designed to offer users control of the AC source by applying user friendly interfaces configured in graphical and instrument like settings. The user-friendly graphical interface makes enabling extensive functions of the AC source possible with just a few clicks.

61607 - 3KVA Programmable AC Power Source 0~350V, 15Hz – 2kHz, 1 or 3ø
61507 - 3KVA with Transients
61608 - 4.5KVA Programmable AC Power Source 0~350V, 15Hz – 2kHz, 1 or 3ø
61508 - 4.5KVA with Transients
61609 - 6KVA Programmable AC Power Source 0~350V, 15Hz – 2kHz, 1 or 3ø
61509 - 6KVA with Transients

B615000 - 5kHz output frequency option [61507,08,09 models]
10656 - SoftPanel KIT [61500/61600/6151x/6161x]


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