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With the unparalleled resolution and accuracy of the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer you can perform quick and accurate pressure analysis of many automotive systems.

Often, problems reported by customers can have many potential causes, and simply reading fault codes leaves you no closer to a solution. In addition to the comprehensive electrical testing provided by PicoScope, the addition of a WPS500X provides you with that same detailed insight into the engine system for accurate diagnosis of common problems such as:

- No start
- Loss of power
- Misfire
- Stalling
- Engine noise
- Emissions fault
- Backfire

With the unparalleled resolution and accuracy of the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer you can perform quick and accurate pressure analysis on many automotive systems.

- Accurately measure up to 500 psi (34 bar)
- Ultra-fast 100 µs response time
- Zoom function for enhanced analysis capabilities
- Internal rechargeable LiPo battery
- Integrated pressure relief / bleed-off valve
- Auto zeroing
- High noise immunity
- Temperature compensated

The WPS500X features an extremely fast 100 µs response time from 0% to 90% of full scale and sensitivity down to about 0.07 psi (5 mbar). This provides you with an accurate representation of rapidly changing signals that span a broad pressure range.

Use the WPS500X with PicoScope to reveal how your engine is actually performing with minimal intrusion. Compression, airflow, valve timing and back pressure can all be measured in one hit.

Pressure ranges

Three pressure ranges = performance and versatility

The three pressure ranges of the WPS500X allow accurate measurement and analysis of many automotive pressures including cylinder compression, fuel pressure, intake manifold vacuum and even pulses from the exhaust.

- Range 1

The first range gives you high resolution and accuracy for high-pressure tests such as cranking and running cylinder compression or fuel pressure testing. Not only is this test a great way for you to find compression issues, but it is also an excellent way for you to identify cam timing issues such as jumped timing belts and stretched timing chains — this is especially useful on multi-cam engines that may not have a cam sensor on each camshaft.

- Range 2

The second range measures from –15 to 50 psi (approximately –1 to 3.45 bar). This range is ideal for vacuum tests and fuel system tests. When testing these systems you will find the zoom function is especially useful as it makes it easy to analyze the valves operating with the vacuum waveform, or the injectors through the fuel waveform.

- Range 3

With the third range you can measure –5 to 5 psi (approximately –0.34 to 0.34 bar). This setting is sensitive enough to allow you to analyze small pressures or pulses such as pulses from the exhaust.

RangePressure rangeAccuracyResponse timeOutput scaling
1–15 to 500 psi (–1 to 34.47 bar)1% of scale100 µs10 mV/1 psi (500 psi = 5 V)
2–15 to 50 psi (–1 to 3.45 bar)1% of scale100 µs100 mV/1 psi (50 psi = 5 V)
3–5 to 5 psi (–0.34 to 0.34 bar)5% of scalefiltered1 V/1 psi (5 psi = 5 V)

Typical tests

The pressure transducer has become the essential diagnostic tool to assist with a multitude of pressure related tasks from -15 psi up to 500 psi, so replacing the majority of analog gauges used today. With the ability to measure pressure against time we can now witness rapid events taking place that were never previously visible. Below is just a selection of how the pressure transducer takes diagnostic to a whole new level. (Adaptors will be required)

- In-cylinder pressure tests
- 4-stroke cycle visibility
- Exhaust gas pulsations
- Intake manifold pressure fluctuations
- Crankcase pressure measurements
- Diesel injector back leakage tests
- Fuel pressure tests up to 500 psi
- Example tests
- Engine
- Cylinder compression testing (Cranking)
- Cylinder compression testing (Idle)
- Cylinder compression testing (WOT snap test)
- Intake manifold pressure petrol and diesel
- Exhaust gas pressure pulsations
- Exhaust back pressure evaluations
- Crankcase pressure pulsations
- PCV valve operation when you have high crankcase pressures
- Camshaft timing evaluation (Belt, Chain and Gear Driven)
- Cylinder head valve sealing integrity
- Engine oil pressure testing
- Cooling system pressure evaluation-Head gasket failure
- Radiator cap evaluation with over pressurized cooling systems
- Vacuum pump efficiency
- Fuel
- Fuel delivery pressure, Petrol
- Fuel pressure regulator test, Petrol
- Fuel delivery residual pressure test, Petrol
- Fuel delivery/priming pump efficiency, petrol and diesel
- Fuel positive priming pressure, Diesel
- Fuel negative priming pressure, Diesel
- Fuel delivery residual pressure, Diesel
- Fuel injector back leakage test, Diesel
- Fuel injector contribution evaluation test, Petrol
- “Evaporative loss” control vacuum circuits and solenoids
- Turbo
- Boost pressure evaluation (Variable vane errors)
- Boost control vacuum circuits and solenoids
- Waste gate operation
- Engine Management
- Variable induction system actuator/control integrity test.
- Idle control damper integrity test.
- Cruise control actuators, vacuum circuits and solenoids.
- Chassis
- Air suspension pump efficiency
- Air suspension residual pressure testing
- Air suspension control pneumatic circuits & solenoids
- Brake servo evaluation and integrity test
- Transmission
- Auto transmission line pressure testing
- Auto transmission governor pressure testing
- Mechanical
- Cylinder head gaskets
- Broken/stuck rocker valves
- Blocked exhaust / DPF

Kit contents

The WPS500X is available as just a transducer or as part of one of our popular kits.

As well as the transducer the WPS500X kit also includes the following accessories:

PA094 WPS500X compression adaptor carry case
TA081 USB charging cable for the WPS500X
TA083 Fuel hose for WPS500, large Schrader
TA085 Vacuum hose for WPS500 pressure transducer
TA086 Bleed hose for WPS500 pressure transducer
TA087 Exhaust adaptor for WPS500 pressure transducer
TA117 Fuel hose for WPS500, small Schrader
TA129 Universal vacuum adaptor
TA130 BNC 5m to BNC cable
TA142 Foster 2 series quick coupler female to ¼ NPT male
TA212 Standard compression hose for WPS 500
TA213 Adaptor M10 short reach
TA216 Adaptor M12 deep reach
TA217 Adaptor M14 short reach
TA218 Adaptor M14 deep reach

The Maxi Kit adds further accessories to further extend the capability of the system:

TA130 Cable: insulated BNC to insulated BNC 5m
TA214 Adaptor M10 deep reach
TA219 Adaptor M16 Ford Triton
TA220 Adaptor M18
PP970 Adaptor kit A (Foster series 12)
PP972 Vacuum tap for WPS500 (brass)
PP973 Fuel hose pressure tap: small (brass)
PP974 Fuel hose pressure tap: medium (brass)
TA250 WPS500X Adaptor Kit B

Both the WPS500X Kit and the WPS500 Maxi Kit are available in a range of packaging options and with one or two WPS500X transducers.

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