Do you need a CNC machine? Then meet the fantastic CCD 2 Eco by Bungard

Bungard CCD/2 Eco

The Bungard CCD/2-Eco completes the Bungard CNC segment for the low price level. The machine is especially interesting for beginners with a low budget, because it has on the one hand an unbeatable price, but on the other hand offers the same mechanic quality and precision of all other Bungard CNC machines.

Unlike all other CCDs, this machine is equipped with a low-cost eco-spindle which allows speeds from 5000 up to 35000 U / min. For normal everyday work such as isolation milling and contour milling of printed circuit boards, this spindle is highly sufficient. For aluminum and non-ferrous metals however not. Of course the machine can be upgraded at any time thereafter with a high-speed spindle.

The CCD/2-Eco is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with semi-automatic tool change. It allows direct processing of Excellon / Sieb & Meyer drill data or HP-/ GL data for the production of printed circuit boards (drilling, milling, isolation routing) and milling/engraving of plastics.

In addition to the spindle the Bungard CCD/2-Eco can be upgraded with a dispensing device for solder paste or glue, a laser exposure head for exposing photoresists and a camera for calibration and inspection tasks.

Technical Data

  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 550 x 300 mm
  • Work area: 270 x 325 x 38 mm
  • Tool change: semiautomatic 99 tools
  • Traveling speed: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz + vacuum cleaner (1500 W) (not included in delivery)
  • Range of RPM: 5.000 – 35.000
  • Process speed: 1 – 9000 mm/min
  • Software resolution: 0,0001mm (0,1µm)
  • Mechanical resolution: step resolution: Software selectable: 1 mil, ½ mil, ¼ mil (= 6.35 µm)
  • Tool diameter: 0.1 mm – 3,175 mm (recommended, bigger tool diameter possible)
  • Position accuracy: 20 ppm (0.002%) over the entire work space:
  • Maximum position speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s)
  • Maximum working speed per axis: 9000/mm/min (=150 mm/s), individual setting on a
    per-tool basis, independent from position speed
  • Drill speed: 5/s (= 9.000 holes/h = 150 holes/min)
  • Required accessories: Computer
  • Board fixation: span fixing, clamp fixing, reference pin system, stack processing possible (Option: vacuum fixation)

Scope of delivery

  • Mechanic unit + control unit + complete cabeling
  • Superb and sturdy high frequency spindle with eddy current brake and load control
  • Integrated mechanical milling depth limiter and pressure foot
  • Driver software RoutePro3000 (Windows 7TM- Windows 10TM-64bit) for drilling and milling
  • Powerful, adjustable (500-2000 W) + start adapter for vacuum cleaner
    (vacuum cleaner not included in delivery)
  • Manual, USB/serial adapter, Set of Allen Keys
  • On the back of the power supply is an IEC socket. This is used to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off together with the spindle. If you connect other devices to the IEC-socket, make sure that power consumption of this device does not exced 3000W!
Bungard CCD/2 Eco

Do you want to know more about this wonderful equipment? Then check out the video below.

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